Queendom - is a groovy mix of elements of Hard-Rock, Pop-Rock and Grunge.
Queendom's music is a story of life and love, in which everyone can find something of their own: naked beauty of Taylor Momsen, brutal charm of Snow Queen Doro Pesch, Joan Jett's rebellion and drive.
Each song is a new story of the world with it's own bizarre rules.
If you're willing to take risks, close your eyes, forget your fear and fall into these stories with us again and again.

Queendom won hearts of thousands of listeners all over Russia.
Queendom has a large number of diplomas and awards for participation in festivals, approvals of popular Internet radio stations such as Jango and not once marked the category "Best Female Vocalist".

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New style & new video!

Anthem to the Sun

Anthem to the Sun video released!