Our Story

Queendom - is a groovy mix of elements of Hard-Rock, Pop-Rock and Grunge.
Queendom's music is a story of life and love, in which everyone can find something of their own: naked beauty of Taylor Momsen, brutal charm of Snow Queen Doro Pesch, Joan Jett's rebellion and drive.
Each song is a new story of the world with it's own bizarre rules.
If you're willing to take risks, close your eyes, forget your fear and fall into these stories with us again and again.

Siberia may be known the world over as a cold expanse of land, but it should be equally well known for its immense beauty and the passion of its people.  These elements of Siberia are channeled wonderfully by the ferociously beautiful, hard rocking sound of Queendom.  Their forcefully driving rhythms and guitar lines are joined with the strong yet beautiful vocals of their front woman, Elena Gornostaeva.  These elements combined not only make them a distinctly thunderous and melodious band, but one that can be enjoyed anywhere from the heart of Siberia, to the Outback of Australia, to the middle of the United States.

Based out of Tomsk, one of the oldest cities in Siberia, Queendom may not be over 400 years old like the city they’re from, but they have been making music together since 2006.  Since then, the band has already been cultivating a large fan base and gained notoriety, with Elena winning local and internet awards for Best Female Vocalist, and Best Female Vocalist – English.  Fortunately the talent and abilities in Queendom extend beyond the vocals, with the rest of the members being equally strong contributors and musicians.

Queendom consists of the aforementioned, lovely and lyrical Elena Gornostaeva on lead vocals, Pavel Karpychev on bass, drummer Alex Chentsov, keyboardist and composer Nick Averin, and the multi-talented Victor Gornostaev playing guitar, as well as writing lyrics, and acting as producer.  Elena had been singing along to the radio since she was four years old, listening to opera and standing on a chair while doing so.  Years later she’d move off of the chair and into Pedagogical University where Queendom would be formed.

Originally, Queendom was formed to be a hard rock, Metal band, propelled by female vocals.  But as the writing process continued, different elements began to work their way into the music to the point where some milder features of pop rock and grunge began to emerge.  All of this has only helped to expand the band’s listener base, opening up their music to a wider group of fans without losing their harder edge.  And because their lyrics have remained as deep and impassioned as ever, their various musical styles have become an even better medium to transmit their songwriting through.

The mix of pop songwriting and hard music makes a lot of sense in the context of some of Elena’s favorite artists.  Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera represent the more lyrical, poppier side, The Pretty Reckless and Joan Jett, are indicative of the hard rock, and Lana Del Rey and Adele are perfect examples of deep songwriters.  Audiences have heard these influences and not only compared Queendom to The Pretty Reckless, but also to Paramore, Katy Perry, and Doro Pesch.

Queendom’s debut, self-titled album is currently for sale and is the best way to hear the band if you can’t see them live. Nine tracks in total, with a tremendous amount of content on each, it’s a wonderful showcase of the bands talent and mix of styles, featuring tracks that many different types of listeners can enjoy.  Loving, romantic songs like “Believe” and “Magic of the Night” sit alongside driving anthems such as “The Power of Rock” or the song that takes after the band’s name, “Queendom.” Additionally, the band’s passion for music as well as their fun side can be seen on their two music videos for “Anthem to the Sun” and the previously mentioned, “Believe.”

The power and magic of music is one of the most important things that drives Queendom forward.  As Elena herself states:
“Without music life would be colorless and cheerless, life would be some kind of mistake.”

Hence the work and love that is poured into the songs she and her band mates create.  They aim to make music that can be enjoyed the world over, hopefully to an expanding fan base that can share with them the joy that music can bring.  To help do this, Queendom doesn’t write songs about themselves; otherwise you might end up hearing songs about Elena’s love of her cat or her massive fear of insects.  Instead you get songs about bigger concepts that everyone can relate to; sometimes political, sometimes more socially conscious. But no matter what the song is about, it will always feature the stellar musicianship of the band, along with the powerful and emotional singing from Elena that comes from her heart and the moods she’s feeling.

With one album recorded and more concerts and festivals on the horizon for them, Queendom is poised to show the rest of the world the talent that they have.  Right now they’re focused on continuing to get more radio airplay and to find their way into the hearts of music loving fans in Russia and the rest of the world.  And given the force they play and sing with, they’re well on their way to doing just that.  So on a quiet night, if you happen to hear the sound of hard rock and beautiful vocals coming from somewhere in the middle of Siberia, it’s probably the sound of Queendom that you’re hearing.