1. Brave New Day

From the recording Queendom



The sky above us is still clear.
Not much poison in the air, in me.
Dreaming of a new horizon, I’m in another place,
And I open my eyes and everything fades…
Step into darkness, I am alone.
Spirits of the cold broke my walls.
It is so hard to listen to reason
Looking at the remains of mine…

Brave New Day.
Scream in silence.
Open my eyes
Before sunrise.
Break my walls,
Twist my body,
But I’m sure
You can’t stop me.

Making the same things from day to day.
I didn’t decide yet where is my way.
My mind leaves me, fail again.
I’m not giving up, but feeling the end…
Misty roads beckons me,
But I’m running away, I’m still free.
I don’t believe it’s happening to me.
That’s not the end, but it has to be…

I'll be brave today,
I’ll be…
On this Brave New Day…